XML-First Workflow

We started producing journals in XML-first workflow almost 15 years ago and have been consistently producing high-quality content. We initially started with the STI system (with SGML front-end) and then migrated to the Penta typesetting system for XML requirements. Today, our workflow is modeled around LaTeX and InDesign for all journals and legislative books that require an XML-first workflow. We have strong auto-pagination KPIs built into our system.

With our XML-First workflow, our production process is highly efficient, eliminating the need for re-creating content across different products. Validations and interactive features are built into the data from the beginning, thereby ensuring rapid delivery across multiple channels.

  • Supports all types of input format (MS Word, PDF, LaTeX, etc.)
  •  Automated clean-up, normalization and content identification routines
  •  Utilizes industry standards (CrossRef, PubMed) for validating references
  •  Math content managed using <mathML>
  •  Automated composition engine that supports InDesign and LaTeX
  •  Accommodates NLM, JATS, DocBook, BITS, to name a few
  •  Supports multi-lingual content