Preprints and Archive Server Services

Our team of domain-specific PhDs specialises in curating articles for inclusion on preprint servers, ensuring that each article meets the unique requirements of our clients. Articles undergo various checkpoints, including checks for scientific validity, plagiarism, ethical considerations, and potentially harmful content. Our goal is to identify valid reasons to accept a paper for publication. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs. Our typical checks include:

Content Checks:

  • Compliance with scientific requirements
  • Verification that the research is new and unpublished elsewhere
  • Relevance of categories and keywords to the title
  • Assurance that the content is respectful and non-abusive

Metadata Checks:

  • Accuracy of the title
  • Correctness of author names
  • Verification of affiliation and country
  • Confirmation of funding details
  • Proper license description
  • Completeness of the main document

This rigorous process ensures that all preprints meet high standards of quality and integrity.