Membership Services

Moving beyond the publishing process, Compuscript has also developed white labeled Membership Support in China to help societies support their Chinese members and help them develop their brand there. Compuscript has over 17 years’ experience in selling directly in China. Having a physical presence in China where a society’s members can reach out by telephone, social media, etc., to speak to a local representative who is working in their time zone, speaks their language and can help get questions answered/issues resolved on the spot, is highly valued.

Typical activities include:

•    Receive inbound calls and instant messages via social media channels in the local language (Mandarin Chinese)

•    Refer to the scripted frequently asked questions and provide a response if one is predetermined

•    For more complex queries, translate and route information to US Member Services via email in English

•   Respond to callers who are not able to receive or understand English responses from US member services via email

•   Track contacts by volume, type and report these weekly