LaTeX Typesetting

LaTeX offers excellent support for mathematical compositions and multi-lingual text. Our team of LaTeX experts have many years of experience in processing complex journal articles and books in the fields of mathematics, physics and other science disciplines. The difficulty in managing LaTeX work primarily stems from the fact that, being an open source, the market has a multitude of packages, class files and custom LaTex style sheets, which produce differing results on different machines. We have developed a team of experts, who can decipher the tricky style sheets and produce beautiful pages as per the author’s requirement. Our own custom-developed LaTeX-XML workflow enables us to provide cost-saving solutions to our clients who require XML/e-Book outputs as well as printed versions. Our expertise includes:

  •  Editorial assistance in LaTeX workflow
  •  Compatibility with all LaTeX packages and customizations
  •  Supports digital assets from LaTeX content

We provide digital typesetting services to various industries/sectors:

  •  K–12 and higher education books
  •  Legal books
  •  STEM books
  •  Trade books
  •  Medical books
  •  Travel guides