A call for thematic series: Emerging and re-emerging zoonoses in this changing world

Emerging and Re-Emerging Zoonoses in this Changing World

Call for Papers

To improve the understanding of zoonoses and facilitate the management of the diseases, a thematic series entitled “Emerging and Re-Emerging Zoonoses in this Changing World” is now open for article submission. Zoonoses seeks research article, reviews, and case report submissions pertaining to the latest knowledge on the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment of zoonoses, as well as the immune regulation and pathogenesis of the disorders and host-pathogen-vector interactions. Recognizing the global scope of these issues, Zoonoses seeks submissions from all regions of the world.

A wide range of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases remain a major threat to human health and affect global economic development. Since 2000, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as SARS, MERS, Ebola viral disease, Zika virus disease, and COVID-19 have killed millions of people across the world and caused trillions in economic losses. Among these communicable diseases, there are more than 200 types of zoonoses, which not only harm human health but also affect animal husbandry development, resulting in enormous social and economic burdens in the world. Notably, COVID-19, an emerging zoonosis that was firstly reported in China, before spreading rapidly across the world. To date, more than 130 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and approximately 3 million deaths occur in the world. The pandemic of COVID-19 makes zoonoses more widely recognized throughout the world and reminds one of the long-lasting challenges of human and public health.

Authors are requested to submit articles via Zoonoses online submission system https://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/zoonoses More information for authors is available at https://zoonoses-journal.org/index.php/instructions-to-authors/.

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